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The Problems

After many years of running his building company, Jonny fell into the same position so many other builders have fallen into. At the beginning, business was booming and he had more work coming in than he could handle, all through referrals. So he hired more guys and invested in more tools and machinery. However, as the years went on and his overheads started to increase, the quality of his referrals were not always up to scratch. He had to keep his guys busy, so he spent a large portion of his time on free quoting and taking on plenty of jobs that were less than ideal.
Before he knew it, the majority of Jonny’s jobs were less than ideal. He found himself running an administration heavy, low project quality, minuscule profit margin, stressed infusing home building business.

To top things off, Jonny’s branding and website were in bad shape while the rest of his digital presence didn’t really reflect his company’s skills and experience. All he could do was wait on referrals, leaving his company’s future in the hands of family members, friends and a few architects.

The Solutions

When Jonny came to see us, we essentially had to start from scratch. We isolated Jonny’s goals, his desired profit margins, his ideal type of projects and who his target client could be. Once those aspects were established, we reverse engineered his brand and marketing to aim directly towards those objectives.

So we put a strategy together that included a full rebrand, website, videography and project photography to show off his best projects. The strategy also included an email marketing campaign that would communicate with his ideal clients behind the scenes, to do most of the “selling” well before Jonny would ever need to speak with them. Further to that, we also hooked Jonny’s business straight into our lead generation system, which would help Jonny attract and convert his ideal target client.

Jonny’s Story

The Outcome

Jonny’s company now has a brand that speaks directly to his ideal clients. His website and social media content also speaks directly to that client’s dreams and desires, while also helping them overcome their biggest fears and frustrations.

Jonny also no longer has to rely on referrals to grow his business. He essentially took back control of his company’s future by implementing our automated lead generation system, which feeds directly into his CRM and sales pipeline. The quality of his enquiries has significantly increased with all leads being pre-qualified and pre-booked into his personal calendar.

This new way of generating new business has also resulted in Jonny no longer having to do free quotes. He has since implemented an effective sales process where his clients sign preliminary agreements with sizeable exit fees, while also paying for their quotes


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