We start with your dream
client and then build
everything around them.

It’s not about technology.
it’s about psychology.

First we get an in depth understanding of what makes your ideal client tick. Understanding their hopes, dreams and desires, their fears and frustrations, only then are we able to position you as their perfect builder.

Brad working with Jonny

What we do.


To ensure you resonate with your ideal clients, we reverse engineer your brand to speak directly to their specific hopes, dreams and desires.

Web design

We develop a website that is aesthetically pleasing, satisfies your ideal client’s concerns and is optimised for generating pre- qualified leads.

Video production

We create video content that speaks to your ideal client’s emotive and practical sides. These include your why (emotive) and unique process (practical) videos.

Paid advertising

We send a steady stream of qualified home building clients to high converting funnels via the Facebook, Instagram and Google platforms.

Lead generation

Once prospects arrive on a particular site, we increase the amount of visitors that turn into leads by communicating to them dependant on where they are positioned in the customer journey.

Email marketing

Once we have captured your prospects’ details, we create an automated communication sequence that runs behind the scenes. This will assist your customer journey by educating them on their risks, overviewing your unique process, and overcoming any objections.

How we do it.


Custom Home Builder Workshop

We first take a deep dive into your business to find out what makes it tick. Through this process we uncover your strengths and weaknesses, business obstacles, dream client analysis, growth margins, conversion rates and profitability all the way to competitor analysis. This process also includes a complete brand and digital audit.


Perfect Positioning

Once we understand your dream client as well as your unique business attributes, we can positioning your home building business for success. This includes building a target client avatar, outlining your unique value proposition, demonstrating your true values, your emotive “why”, process, guarantees and partnerships.

Blueprint for Success

Then we create a bespoke strategy based on your unique attributes and revenue goals. We reverse engineering what your dream client values and cares about so we can communicate with them at all different stages of their customer journey. Doing most of the “selling” well before you ever talk to your prospective client is our main objective.

Optimise Your Digital Presence

Optimising your company’s appearance in the digital world is essential. Your brand look and feel, website, project photography, video testimonials, guarantees, your “why” and understanding your unique process are all important aspects which your clients will be researching well before they ever talk to you.

Build Lead Generation System

This includes all the elements required to assist prospective clients with their “buying decision”. Funnels and landing pages, website “call to actions”, value offers and case study sales letters are all elements that make up our lead generation system.

Nurture Warm Prospects

Once we have captured your ideal clients, keeping them warm while they are exploring different home building options is a crucial component of a successful lead generation system. We do this through automated email marketing campaigns.

Integrate CRM Platform

We then build the platform that will contain the entire lead generation system, including the sales pipeline, team management, messaging platform (email, SMS, Facebook Messenger communication), calendar integration, campaigns, triggers and post project review sourcing.

Paid Media Advertising

To attract and convert the right type of clients, we will set up various paid advertising campaigns. This always include creating and setting up Facebook & Google advertising accounts, testing different group targeting, creative and copywriting variations and continually optimising those ads for success.

Test & Launch & Test Again

Before launch, we test all aspects of the lead generation system. As this stage we will also train your team on the CRM platform and systems while actively tracking ads, leads, and communication. Once live, the goal here to have as many pre-qualified ideal clients booked into your calendar as the budget allows.

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